medical communication


Manès Aegerter 

Graphic designer and webmaster

  • To describe myself in four words: Openness - Simplicity - Collegiality - Experience
  • The way I like to work together with my clients: above all in a human way
  • What I have been doing for over 20 years : Webmaster and graphic designer specialized in the medical field


How did I get here? Some details about my wavy career path:

After my training and 10 years in accounting, I took the opportunity to redirect my career, because I was experiencing boredom. My employer at the time (World Online - internet service provider) offered me the opportunity to turn to a more creative profession: as a webmaster, so I obtained an HES certificate during my employment.

As the bursting of the internet bubble caused some damage, I join the marketing team of Strkyer Corporation (American multinational company operating in medical technologies and equipment) as a webmaster. At the request of my employer, I acquire self-taught print skills through close contact with printers and product managers. I then took over the creation of the company's printed marketing resource for the EMEA area. I quickly become familiar with the specificities of medical marketing through my experience in the field and through internal training.

Encretpixel originated from two passions: my work as a webmaster/graphic designer and the medical world.

A call, an e-mail... 

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